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Capitol Lien has proudly partnered with Registered Agent Solutions (RASi) to offer registered agent services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Through the free online tools available, you can securely handle all possible registered agent needs 24/7. We serve as a convenient and confidential “mailbox” to keep documents at a distance from daily business correspondence during sensitive corporate activity or litigation.

As always, Capitol Lien will be your direct point of contact which will provide you and your colleagues the hands-on personal care and dedication you have come to expect from our experienced staff.

By switching to Capitol Lien, you can rely on our extensive industry knowledge and unmatched customer service to ensure you receive the attention you deserve. We eliminate the hassle of changing Registered Agents by handling all the paperwork and fees so you don’t have to. Consider transitioning today to our worry free registered agent services - contact us by phone or email.

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A Registered Agent (also known as Service of Process Agent) is a company (or sometimes even an individual), that is appointed by another entity, and subsequently authorized by that entity to accept any official, legal or miscellaneous documents on their behalf.

The main function of the registered agent is to accept “service of process” and then present those legal documents to the entity that they are representing. Standard mail is accepted at the registered agent’s place of business and that mail is also forwarded to the entity.
Having a registered agent is only mandatory for foreign entities, but it is still optional for domestic businesses. Most domestic businesses utilize their own physical place of business, if they have one, as the “registered agent” location.

In the case of a foreign entity, they typically do not have a physical address in their state of incorporation, but they need somewhere for mail and service of process to be received. The idea is that the registered agent will be responsible and discreet when handling the private and personal documents involving the entity.
If there is ever a change to the Registered Agent, i.e., full change of company, or name of same agent, or an address change, then the state of incorporation must be notified with a “Change of Registered Agent” type filing.